Meet Our Bright Mothers


Hailing from all walks of life, the thing that unites all of our scholarship mothers is their will, drive and determination to succeed in life. We’re so happy to share in their joy for what they’ve accomplished.


Meet Nichole

She became a mother at 17 years old, which made it more challenging to achieve her educational goals. However, she has persisted and now feels ready to achieve her goal of obtaining a degree from Cal State Fullerton in the field of Communicative Disorders. Currently she attends Norco College and is hoping to transfer soon.

Her dream is to use her degree to become a speech and language pathologist. She has always wanted to work with children, especially in a one-on-one setting. Her sister received speech and language services as a child. Through that experience Nichole realized how rewarding this career could be. Her ultimate goal is “to make a difference and work with kids.” This has always been her greatest passion and why she continues to pursue her educational goals.


Meet Lauren

Lauren is a full time student and single mother of a young daughter, whom she hopes to set a positive example for. Although she had many struggles during her adolescence and early college years, she was able to overcome these and learn that she is a strong and capable woman. She reminds us that “feelings are fleeting and struggles are temporary.” She now feels ready to “put in the work” and invest in the future for herself and her daughter by working towards her academic goal of obtaining a Masters Degree in Biology.


Meet Tanjanae

She is a single mother of a 13-year-old son, who fully supports her goal to better their lives by finishing her college education. While raising him and she is running her own house cleaning business. Despite many hardships she has faced since 2010, when she began her educational journey, Ms. Walker has remained determined to achieve her goal of obtaining an Associates Degree in Black Studies at Mesa College, before transferring to a university to pursue a double major in Black Studies and American Sign Language. She hopes to become an American Sign Language interpreter to enrich the lives of members of the Deaf community in spaces such as concerts and other social engagements that are generally auditory.


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